Boxing Betting Strategies

Boxing betting strategies

Boxing is a very popular sport and with the rise of big events taking place all over the world, betting on boxing has also increased. Whether it is one bet on the main event or an acca through the entire card, there are many ways in which you can bet on boxing.

For those settling down to place a wager, here are a few tips in our boxing betting strategy that will help you get off on the right foot.

General Boxing Betting Advice

Just like any other sport that you bet on, there are a number of general rules that should be followed when you are wagering on boxing events.

Bet Wisely and Selectively 

Just because a fight is taking place and there are odds available on the bout, doesn’t mean you have to have a bet. Like with any other sport, betting on boxing needs to be selective, only bet when the odds are in your favour and you strongly fancy someone to win.

Betting too often is a trap that many fall into, try and avoid this.

Watch Social Media for the Latest News

The accessibility of boxing has never been as good as it is now, something that punters should look to use to their advantage. Social media is great for boxers and promoters to showcase what is happening in the build up to a fight. Use this information wisely and get to grips with what is happening behind the scenes and how each fighter looks.

Information and knowledge is power, just like football fans look for training reports and injury updates, if you want to take your boxing betting seriously then make sure you do the same ahead of an event. 

Remove Emotion

One of the hardest parts for any boxing fan who is having a bet, is to remove emotion from their betting. We all have our favourite boxers, and we also have those who we don’t like. You shouldn’t let this affect your judgement though and force you to bet in the wrong way.

This is certainly not easy, and many people struggle with the emotional side of boxing. If you are in any doubt then the best thing to do is not have a wager, and move onto another fight where you are not as attached. This is similar to how people will avoid betting on their own team in football.

Watch Fights Back After the Event 

You should treat past fights as form that you can use to help your betting. Just like horse racing punters will watch back previous races to see what happened, boxing punters should be looking back on previous bouts.

Look for weak points, things that could decide a fight and much more as you aim to build a picture up of the two boxers so that you can decide who you believe will be the winner.

Betting on Boxing

Simple Boxing Betting Markets

If you are new to boxing betting then the best place to start is with the simple betting markets that are on offer. These will allow you to ease your way into things, and the markets are all based on something that you will already have an opinion on.

For example, who wins the fight, how they win the fight and in what round are all things that you will talk about with friends and family who also like boxing.

Simple betting markets don’t make you think about anything else, all you are doing here is placing a bet on the opinion that you already have. There is a time and a place for complex betting markets, but that will come later down the line, when starting look to use opinions you already have and place simple bets to build confidence.

Advanced Bets on Boxing

As you progress you can move onto more complex betting markets. These are designed to make you think a little more, but the positive side of this is that you can place bets on more specific events to try and win more money.

A perfect example of this is round betting. There is a simple over/under round betting market that can be used by new players, but those looking for bigger odds can look at individual round betting or grouped rounds together.

Rather than betting on anything before the 5th round, you can specifically bet on the fight to finish in the 3rd round if you believe this will happen.

If you are betting on a fight that has a strong favourite then round betting is certainly the way to go. This will allow you to pick something at a bigger price that gives you value rather than backing the long odds-on favourite to win.

For example, if you think something is going to be over quickly you can place two bets on the fight to finish in the 2nd and 3rd round, hoping that this is when it finishes. Even though you are placing two bets here, you will get a bigger return than backing the fighter to win by knockout outright. 

How to Bet on Fight Night?

There are many different ways you can bet if you are settling down to watch a big boxing event. Single bets on simple markets are something that everyone can do, regardless of your betting experience.

Those looking for something a little different and to give them a chance of winning more money can look at the more complex betting markets out there.

Alternatively, you can place a treble or an acca on numerous fights that are taking place on the card to try and string together multiple wins. For example, rather than using the tougher betting markets you can use the win market but put together the four fights you are going to watch on the night, picking a winner in all four.

This is one accumulator bet, where they all need to win for you to have a return, but should that happen, your returns will be far greater than placing single bets on all four to win.

Whatever you choose, there are a variety of different ways to bet on boxing and enjoy yourself on fight night.

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