Using Neteller, Skrill and PayPal for Betting Site Welcome Offers

e-wallet payment methods for betting sites

There are many alternative payment methods available to use online when depositing money with betting sites. Many of these are e-wallets, and they are fantastic to use, especially if you hold many different bookmaker accounts. If you hold multiple accounts then by using one of these e-wallets you will only be giving your bank details to one company (the e-wallet provider), instead of multiple companies (all the bookmakers you hold accounts with). Then you can deposit funds using your chosen payment method, keeping you and your money safe, and allowing you to concentrate on backing winners and having fun.

Most bookmakers accept at least one of these types of payment method, and some of them will accept all four. However, some bookmakers do not let you qualify for a welcome bonus when using these payment methods, which is disappointing and certainly something to look out for.

Here is a guide to the four payment methods, Neteller, Skrill, Paypal and Paysafecard, and at the bottom of this article you will find a table that shows you which bookmakers accept these payments for their welcome offers.


Neteller is a very common payment method that many people use when gambling. They are an internet e-wallet company, which many bookmakers accept from customers. By using Neteller, instead of giving each individual company your bank card details, they all only keep your Neteller account details, so you are betting much safer. The only company to know your bank details are Neteller, and they are a reputable worldwide company that can be trusted.

When you join a bookmaker that accepts Neteller it is important to know whether they accept Neteller as a first deposit method so you can take advantage of their welcome offer. Some bookmakers will allow you to deposit and withdraw using Neteller, but if you make your first deposit using them then you will not be eligible for the welcome offer that you are hoping to receive from them.


Alongside Neteller, Skrill is the most common of these payment methods to be used by bookmakers. Formerly known as Moneybookers, UK based Skrill have built up an impressive number of customers and many people use Skrill on a daily basis to make payments online. Bookmakers are more than welcome to customers using Skrill, although you will have to check the table below to see which bookmakers accept it and allow you to take advantage of their welcome offer.

Just like Neteller, you can use a bank card to put money into your Skrill account and then use those funds to top up your online betting account. By doing it this way you can make multiple payments into multiple betting accounts but never giving your bank details away. If you are new to betting and paying online then something like Skrill can really put your mind at ease, they have a fantastic reputation and have been used by millions of people all over the world. With many bookmakers accepting Skrill payments, if you do hold multiple accounts, they are the most likely payment method to be accepted by all of your bookmakers.


If you are looking to go with a payment method that is a household name then PayPal is certainly that. A public limited company traded on the New York stock exchange PayPal is worth in excess of $122 Billion dollars today. Indeed they have come a long way since their early partnership with ebay put them on the map.

The chances are if you have bought online in the past then you may have used PayPal, meaning you don’t need to open up a new account with anyone else if you want to use them. 

The only small downside to PayPal is that they are not as popular with bookmakers as they are in other sectors, and not every bookmaker will take PayPal payments. They are third in behind Skrill and Neteller when it comes to size and how freely available they are on betting websites, but are still a very solid choice. They are the one household name in this list, and that may make many people more comfortable if they use them than choosing a name they haven’t heard of before.


The Paysafecard is slightly different to the other three payment methods mentioned, because you can top up the card with cash at a pay-point that deals with Paysafecard payments. These are scattered around the country, and it is likely you will have one near you. This opens up a new type of customer for them, and that is the people who want to bet online but don’t have a bank card to do so. These people can buy a Paysafecard and top it up at their local shop with cash, and then go home and top up their online betting account. 

If you want to use the Paysafecard with your bank account then you can also do that, topping up the card to then use on whichever bookmaker account you want to. This is the least popular card with bookmakers, and fewer of them accept it but it is a great and very flexible card that will allow you to bet online and top up in many different ways.

Taking Advantage of Welcome Offers with Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and Paysafecard

If you are going to sign up with a new betting site and you intend to use any of these four payment methods then make sure you take a look at the small print of their offer. There is a chance that if you make your first deposit with these payment methods that you will be ineligible for the welcome offer. Just because a bookmaker accepts these payment methods, that doesn’t mean they will pay you their welcome bonus when you use them. 

It is vital that you take advantage of a welcome bonus when you open a new account, and signing up to a bookmaker that doesn’t offer a welcome bonus is not advised. These offers give you a way to have a solid start with your new account, and they will allow you to build up a betting bank that you can use in the future. Without an offer you are starting from zero, and every bet you place will be doing so with your own money, so there is pressure on you to win from the off.

Here is a table showing the betting sites that currently accept these payment offers and allow you to take advantage of the welcome bonus with them. If you intend to use these payment methods then it makes sense to sign up with one of these bookmakers.

Betting sites that accept e-wallets deposits for welcome offers

As you can see from the table, there are opportunities out there for punters to use e-wallet payment methods and take advantage of betting site welcome offers, so make sure you look carefully and bet with the right bookie. By taking advantage of a welcome offer you can get your new account off to a great start, and that is always something you should be looking to do as a punter.

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