Who has the best Premier League Betting Odds ?

We all know it’s the most entertaining football league in the world, and we all know that every man and his dog has an opinion on it, but do we all know who offers the best odds when it comes to betting on the Premier League?

It all comes down to the betting “margin” which each bookie builds into their football markets, and the lower the margin the better value we get as punters. Have a read of our Betting Margins Explained article for a comprehensive guide on how to calculate these margins using our simple formula.

So, who does have the best Premier League match odds? Our stats boys compare the margins from 34 betting sites every week and calculate the averages. To ensure the numbers are accurate all “Full Time Result” (1X2) odds are taken 30 minutes before kick-off for every Premier League game in the 2017/18 season.

Margins are displayed below (the amount over 100% represents the bookies average margin for the “Full Time Result” market for all Premier League matches based on our studies, for example the figure 102.96% would mean that bookie’s average margin is 2.96%.  To put it another way, using the above example the bookie can expect to pay-out £100 for every £102.96 he receives. The lower the margin % a bookie offers us the better value it is to the betting man on the street, as a bookie that pays out £100 for every £103 he takes in stake money, is offering better value (and by definition, better odds) than the bookie who pays out £100 for every £106 he takes in stake money.

*You can sort the table by clicking the arrows in each column

*Margins are based on 1X2 markets from all 2017/18 English Premier League games, taken 30 mins before kick-off.

The results are a real eye-opener. Currently the firm offering the best value odds by far is Marathon Bet, with an average margin of just 101.67%. That really does represent incredible value to punters. Another firm who fare very well here is Betsafe with an average margin of 102.33%. Whilst other firms that are operating to super low margins include Betfair, BetVictor and SunBets. Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, it might be just as big a surprise to see that two of the biggest bookmakers around offer the worst value odds on the Premier League, as Skybet and Paddy Power register average margin scores of 105.54 and 105.92 respectively.