What is "Best Odds Guaranteed" and why you should ALWAYS take it!

Best Odds Guaranteed

Those who place regular horse racing bets are likely to have heard of the term ‘best odds guaranteed’. However, not everyone has heard of this, and those that have may not know exactly what it means. Punters need to learn about this promotion, because it is the best promotion to take advantage of when placing your horse racing bets, and can make a huge difference to your betting profit and loss.

The one thing for certain with the best odds guaranteed offer is that if you use it, you are sure to make more betting profit compared to what you do now without the offer. This is why those punters that do know about it are so interested in it, and why those that don’t know about it should make it their priority to learn everything there is to know.

The basics of the best odds guaranteed offer are simple, if you are with a bookmaker offering it then you will be paid out at the best odds, either those you take when you place the bet or the SP. There is no catch, it works as simple as that, simply place your bet, take the odds and if the SP is bigger you will get the best odds.

Here are the two ways you can benefit, and make more profit thanks to the best odds guaranteed offer, compared to a bookmaker that does not offer it.

Example 1

You place a bet on a horse at the Cheltenham Festival and take 4/1 in the morning, but the horse wins at an SP of 6/1.

Without best odds guaranteed you will be stuck with the 4/1 you took, but with best odds guaranteed you will be paid out at 6/1, two points higher without doing anything different to your bet.

Example 2

You place a bet in the morning, 8/1 is available but you decide to bet at SP. The horse wins, but the SP is only 5/1.

Without best odds guaranteed you left the price, meaning you get the 5/1 SP, three points less than the price that was available, but you didn’t take. With best odds guaranteed you will always take the price, regardless of your thoughts so you would have taken the 8/1, giving you a nice priced winner and one that is better than the SP.

If you do not currently take advantage of the best odds guaranteed offer, now is the time to find out which bookmakers offer this service. After using it for just a short time, this offer will become your best friend and you will wonder how you used to bet without it. This can make a serious difference to your betting profit, and best of all you have to do nothing different when it comes to placing your bets to take advantage of it. The best odds guaranteed offer is one of the best horse racing offers out there, so be sure to take advantage when you next place a horse racing bet.

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