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Accumulator betting is one of the most common ways to bet on football and each week people from around the world will place accumulator bets on the big games. The draw of an accumulator bet is that you have the chance to win a huge amount of money from one bet, and the stakes can be kept small. Winning big for a small stake is the type of betting that appeals to many people.

There is also a lot of pride involved when landing an accumulator, so be sure to tell your friends and when you land one! Choosing a winning bet is not easy, you have to predict many different results correctly and hope that they all come in. You need every single one of your selections to win for you to get a return for the bookmakers, but landing an accumulator will give you a great feeling. It is that feeling that accumulator punters look for, and one that you will never forget after landing your first big bet.

What is an Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator (or Acca) bet is one single bet that you place on a number of selections. For you to get a return you have to pick out winners from all the games you choose, if just one lets you down then you will not get a return. Staking an accumulator is easy, it is one bet so costs the same as your stake, a £10 acca will cost you a total of £10.

Although there are many teams involved, by having just one bet on them all makes an accumulator a very simple bet. While other bets may give you more coverage on your selections, they can often become expensive and complicated, whereas an accumulator is easy to place, easy to stake and very easy to work out whether you have won or not. Many newcomers to football betting begin by placing accumulators on teams they think will win, simply because this is an easy bet to understand.

Why Place an Accumulator Bet?

The simple reason as to why you should place an accumulator bet is because they give you the chance to win a large amount of cash for just a small outlay. When you are placing an accumulator, with each winner on your bet the money rolls up and goes onto the next selections. This builds up to give you a big sum, so you don’t need to be placing a large bet to win big, if you have enough selections on your bet then you can win big from just a small stake. That is why the accumulator bet appeals to many different people, and why they often stick to accumulator bets and nothing else.

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Finding the Right Balance

The hardest part of placing accumulator bets is finding the right balance when it comes to the number of selections to put in your bet. There is no right or wrong answer to this, it is a personal choice that you have to make. Try to make things realistic, but remember the fundamental values of an accumulator, the aim is to win a big amount of money from a small stake, so don’t be too concerned about putting selections in.

When you are looking at the teams you are going to bet on, after you have picked some take a look at the bet and what you would win if you added no more to the bet. If you are happy with the amount of money you would stand to win then go with the bet and don’t add any more. However if you want to win more then add another couple of selections and repeat the same again, seeing what you would win. A trap that many fall into is putting too many selections in their bet, they will stand to win a lot of money but it is highly unlikely the bet will land. Keep things realistic and you will eventually find the right balance between a realistic bet and one that wins you a lot of money.

Shop Around to get the Best Odds

When you place any bet at all you should always look around for the best odds and an accumulator is no different. When you are backing multiple selections in an accumulator, even just a slight difference in the odds that you take can have a huge impact on the returns you will receive if you win the bet. By not taking the best odds when you place a bet you are leaving profit behind and never taking full advantage of your winning, so be sure to look around when you are betting. The best punters not only pick successful selections, but they also bet the right way and taking the best odds is part of doing that.

The Premier League is one of the biggest leagues in the world, and a huge league for betting in. The bookmaker margins for this league can be looked at, so you can see where the best odds are likely to be found. For example, betfair have the lowest margin so compared to any other bookmakers they will generally offer the best odds. Bet365 and Betfred and Mansion also offer a very low margin so these should also be looked at when you are trying to find the best odds for your bet. By taking the best cumulative odds every time you bet, you will leave nothing on the table and always be as profitable as you can possibly be.

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